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For almost 150 years, Chambers of Commerce in Queensland have been the voice of Queensland business, with a primary focus on advocacy, lobbying and representation. With advocacy on issues, we haves built an enviable reputation in this regard, and we work hard to ensure Queensland is the best place to do business. The key is to regularly meet with senior government officials, write submissions to government departments, undertake research and engage with the media – all to grab the attention of the people who can make a positive difference to business.

Our focus as the Brisbane Southside Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) is on local issues directly affecting our members. Whether we need to lobby government or other organisations, whether at a local, state, or federal level our aim is to assist our members to obtain the best result for their business and community. Our membership includes Brisbane City councillors, and state and federal members of parliament whose wards and electorates are located on Brisbane’s south side.


Please list any local issues that you would like to see the Chamber engage in advocacy on behalf of your business. Some examples are listed (please check any that apply)

Advocacy Local Issues


The Brisbane Southside Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) aims to be a Strong Local Community Voice by reaching out to all local community groups and small business to let them know of the Chamber’s willingness to be a local support network and a community voice funnel. Please list any ideas as to how you would like us to achieve this.


Education in business is vital to remain competitive. We’d like to know what areas of business you would like to learn more about. What would be those areas your business is struggling with that we could assist you with?

Let us know what you would be interested in:

Interesting Area