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Life Law Solutions provides legal services in Family Law, Wills & Estates and Mediation with offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. We understand the importance of getting you out of the legal system and on with your life as soon as possible.

Life Law Solutions provides legal services in Family Law, Wills & Estates and Mediation, with offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. We assist our clients to resolve their legal problems in those areas of law. Through our process we ensure that our clients are clear on what they are trying to achieve, how to achieve it and why it’s possible to achieve their outcome within a legal framework. Owner and Principal Lawyer Elizabeth Fairon has a passion for knowledge and learning. Elizabeth believes that through knowledge and education you will be well informed not only about the legal issue you are facing and the solutions available to you, but also to be empowered to make informed decisions to resolve your matter. We have an experienced team of lawyers to assist you in resolving your legal matter through our knowledge based approach. Our clients gain clarity of vision on what they are setting out to achieve and are armed with a strategy to resolve their matter. We find that the benefits to our clients in working with Life Law Solutions is that they are informed, empowered and focused. They know their end game and ultimately achieve peace of mind knowing their issue is resolved.



Elizabeth Fairon

I am the Legal Practice Director here at Life Law Solutions. I have a Bachelor of Laws (QUT, 2004), Master of Laws (QUT, 2009) and Masters in Applied Law (Family Law) (College of Law, 2014) and am a TEP – Registered Trusts & Estates Practitioner. In 2018 I was a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network, Corporate Business Woman of the Year. I’ve been working at Life Law Solutions (originally Frank Carroll Solicitors) since I started training as a lawyer in June 2005. I have been a lawyer since September 2005 helping clients within three main areas. During that time I have assisted clients to resolve their family law matters as quickly and sensibly as we can so their time and money can be spent on more important things. I have worked through estate plans with clients preparing their wills and enduring powers of attorneys to make sure they have a plan for the future. Finally, I have assisted families when it comes time to administer an estate, making sure that everything is done in accordance with the will and where necessary helping to meet or make claims against the estate.   I have been working in these areas of law for a long time. It means I go to Court when we need to and help clients navigate the court system which can be quite overwhelming at times. It is something that we try to avoid if we can. If there is an out of court solution, this is our preference for you. I also assist the court in complex matters as a lawyer appointed for children – an independent children’s lawyer. This is the primary focus of my practice right now.  I am giving priority to assisting the Court in these parenting matters.   Knowledge and education are my key drivers. I believe that if you have practical information about your legal issue, you can be empowered to make decisions to resolve your matter and find solutions to those legal issues that impact your life. It’s something that I apply to all areas of business and life. I also make sure that my team is up to date with the latest training and further education so they can assist you. We have a great team here at Life Law Solutions with experience at all levels – our team can assist you with your ongoing family law, property, and will and estate matters. I have written a book about all things family law to help you with that knowledge and education journey – ‘Trust yourself: How empowered decision making will assist you to resolve your family law matter‘. It is not your normal boring legal book.  It’s an easy read and sets out how having a deep understanding of your facts, your goals, the law, the system, and the reality will empower you to resolve your family law matter.   I also created a weekly reflection journal ’52 Weeks, 365 Opportunities’. If you haven’t tried journaling before, it is a good place to start. Or, if you don’t get the chance to sit down every day, but could commit to a weekly ritual, then it will work for you.  I fall into the second category. On either a Sunday afternoon or Monday morning I’ll take the time to reflect on the week that was and plan for the week ahead.

Elizabeth Fairon


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