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Graphic design done in days, not months. Business and marketing document designer.

Supporting Queensland’s City Councils with Expert Document Design Services. Systematic and process-driven approach to your business and marketing documents. Make Better Documents makes multi-page documents including page layout design, typography and typesetting. I am a qualified graphic designer specialising in documents. This includes general business and marketing documents such as reports, presentations, templates, brochures, document formatting. And includes specific documents like: Tender Documents, Request for Proposal (RFP), Expressions of Interest (EOI), Capability Statements. Yes, I can design high quality documents in Word and PowerPoint because I understand that this is where you are building your documents. I bring to the table 20 years of business, marketing, publishing, and design experience. Making the world a more beautiful place—one document at a time.



Kassandra Marsh

I’m Kassandra. I’m a document designer. I love helping companies create consistency across all their communications. My special trick is my process and systems driven mind. This makes me great at making everything fit just right on the page, build workflows and love production style work. Most of my clients teach something so I make their workbooks, brochures, banners, reports etc. I have a Bachelor of Computer-Based Art and Design from the University of the Sunshine Coast. I choose a tag-line back in 2010 when I started my freelancing business and after all these years, it still applies. Making the world a beautiful more place—one document at a time.

Kassandra Marsh


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