Chamber Charity – Safe Haven Community

Chamber Charity – Safe Haven Community

We are pleased to announce Safe Haven Community as our chamber charity for the next 6 months. Their mission is to help women and their children escape domestic abuse, and to empower, guide and support them to lead the life they were meant to lead.

Check out their website to see in what other ways you can support this deserving organisation:

Member Issues

Below are some of the issues that have been identified as challenges to Small Business.

  • Finance/Cash (cashflow, financial management/planning)
  • Business Planning (business growth, new model pivoting)
  • Staffing (recruitment, retention)
  • Economic (inflation, interest rates, supply chain issues)
  • Marketing (brand awareness, competition)
  • Customers (acquisition, satisfaction)
  • Owners (passion, motivation)
  • Operations (costs, regulation, workflow)
  • Sales (lead generation, prospect conversion)

Let us know which ones or others particularly are affecting your business. The better of an idea we have, the more targeted we can be with our speakers and topics to address your concerns.

There is also a range of Government Support services that can assist you as well.

New Member

Katherine Li

Please welcome our new member Katherine Li.
Katherine is dedicated to ensuring sustainable industry and trade promotion connections between Australia and China. So if you have Chinese suppliers, please consider Katherine to enhance this relationship. Reach out to Katherine if she can assist you.



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