Committee Planning: Adding Value to Your Membership in 2019!

Thanks to our wonderful Committee for a productive planning day for 2019! We had an awesome day today coming up with great ways to improve our chamber, and how to best improve the value of our memberships! An extra special thank you to our Secretary Geoff Webster and President Kath Lewis for helping to organise a day for planning out the year too!

We have plenty of ideas planned for 2019, to ensure we do our best to help grow small business in Southside! Ranging from administrative efficiency changes, to adding greater variety and flavour to our meetings, we aim to go forward by addressing the real concerns you may have, and providing you with an experience that is not only unique to Southside but helps grow your business and your employees!

So keep in mind we will be making a few adjustments this year, and we would love to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think of our improvements or any suggestions you have, and we will discuss how to best implement it at our monthly committee meetings!

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