Meet the New President: Elizabeth Fairon

Elizabeth Fairon is the Legal Practice Director at Life Law Solutions, and has extensive experience in the family court, and estate planning. She also assists the court as an independent children’s lawyer, acting in the child’s interests. Proving herself to be an excellent multi-tasker, she is also our Chamber’s newest President!

Elizabeth has been a lawyer since 2005, and is keenly interest in family law and helping clients to best navigate the court system. This also included working in estate planning and wills, helping clients to save time and money, and fulfilling their loved-ones last wishes.

She entered into a partnership in 2009 after only four years, and proved to be both a quick learner and compassionate soul in a highly-competitive industry. By 2015, Elizabeth was the Owner and Principal Lawyer of (then-known-as) Carroll Fairon Solicitors.

The business rebranded to Life Law Solutions in 2018, in recognition of the impact that positive legal outcomes can have on their clients. That same year, Elizabeth was nominated as a finalist for the Corporate Business Woman of the Year by the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network.

Her extensive work in the court system both educated and inspired her to write ‘Trust yourself: How empowered decision making will assist you to resolve your family law matter’ as a way to educate people confronted by the family court, and how to reach your intended goals amicably.

If you haven’t noticed, Education, Representation, and Accessibility are key to Elizabeth’s philosophy, which she hopes to bring to her role as president. Helping to represent all businesses as we move through COVID, and welcome new generations of entrepreneurs and business-owners.

We look forward to her tenure as our newest president.

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