Member in Focus: 96Five Family Radio

The story of 96Five Family Radio begins in 1975, when five men met at the Canberra Hotel in Brisbane with a vision to start a radio station that would provide every home with a balanced, wholesome program for the whole family with the objective of educating the public on the works of Christ, and his importance in family life.

Even though radio is free, Community Stations are not for profit organisations and the govt keeps us this way by only allowing just 5 minutes an hour of advertising sponsorship, unlike commercial radio and TV that can have 20 minutes. This is great for the listening experience as one isn’t overloaded with ads. It is also great from an advertising point of view because people don’t channel flick to get away from the ads! While this revenue is critical to the station’s operation, the rest comes from our listeners, and this is remarkable.

Part of the legal requirement is that we must go to our listeners twice a year  seeing support. We have two on air appeals – June and November- which bring over $1million dollars from our wonderful listeners who know how important it is to keep our family friendly messaging in Brisbane. Strong families mean strong communities!

While the station is based on a Christian foundation, our content targets all families, made up of corporates, business, tradies, home bodies and kids! Music is from the 1980’s onwards, 25% is current Christian music and the rest is secular, but everything played and said goes through a family filter so safe for little ears. At 6pm we run a live simulcast of Channel 7’s News at 6pm.

There is a growing trend away from unintelligent commentary and egos, and so our station now ranks 8th out of 30 Brisbane radio channels (McNair Yellow Square July 2019).

If you would like to know more about using radio, which is a brilliant medium for branding and creating awareness, please contact Jill Patrick 0433873447

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