Sponsor In Focus: Business Chamber Queensland

At the Business Chamber Queensland, we’re dedicated to supporting small business succeed. It’s our vision to see Queensland become the best place in Australia to own and operate a small business.

We knew going into 2020 it was going to be a big year for small business, as business conditions across the State were already at the lowest levels since the GFC. With both council and state elections set to take place, there was a lot of work to be done.

Then COVID-19 swooped in causing a cyclone of chaos and creating months of uncertainty. Throughout the crisis, Business Chamber Queensland has been working alongside Chambers throughout the State, advocating for policies and support for the small business sector. And so far, we’ve achieved some successful outcomes, including payroll tax relief, adaption grants, concessional loans and electricity rebates.

Throughout these incredibly challenging times, what has been most evident amid the ever-changing circumstances, is the grit, determination, and passion of the small business community.

Businesses have responded to the most challenging circumstances, finding ways to pivot their operations and adapting to the environment at hand. It’s been that determination and agility, which has kept Queensland’s economy moving.

Beyond here though, we know there’s more to be done. The focus for Business Chamber Queensland is now on pushing the Government to create transformational policies that will support and enhance businesses to scale-up and grow.

Small business is the backbone of our communities and economies. The future growth of Queensland’s economy depends on your success. At Business Chamber Queensland, we will be continuing to be the voice for small business, pushing for policies to make that happen.

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